Married Women Looking For Men? Things You’ll Need

Though it is often married men looking for affairs that are portrayed in film and TV, married women looking for men are only a little less common, but still there. In most cases the reason for either member of the spousal relationship wanting an affair is the lack of sexual satisfaction. In fact, most of these affairs are more like flings rather than long-term relationships – which is a pretty good strategy, all things considered.

Speaking of strategy, there are lots of things that a married person can do to avoid being caught. Morality aside, there are right ways and wrong ways to go about having extramarital affairs. Just for the record though, know that cheating is bad. Now that that’s over with, what is it that you might do wrong?

Your choice of partner in the affair is vital. Married women looking for men will want to avoid the jerks who like to kiss-and-tell, no matter how physically attractive they are. Men should avoid targeting the women in their workplace, since they might just be setting you up for blackmail and get you fired or worse. Your spouse’s friends are out of the question, since your friend is eit6her someone who just wants the sex or a good person. Either way, they will tell.

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An amateur mistake is meeting in public. This is really a bad way to go about it, for many reasons. You might be spotted by someone who knows you, or you might be caught on film by some roving camera. In any case, public meetings are imprecise and either party could waste time trying to spot the other and looking generally suspicious. Just set a very specific, very precise meeting place indoors, down to a single room if possible.

Also, you will need to rely on your acting chops and skills of deception. Married women looking for men can pose as representatives of companies, and that means being able to carry yourself in ladies’ office wear or smart casual. Their male counterparts can pass themselves off as being on business trips and just taking breathers, meaning business attire or smart casual.

Neither party should be wearing anything eye-catching, like loudly-colored clothes, sexy cut apparel, or jewelry. Your skills at lying are vital. You must be able to create believable alibis and keep it consistent. The best way to achieve these are to keep the alibis simple, yet leave some wiggle room to add details should someone be more nosy.

Use cash and save yourself some risk. Married women looking for men might not be quite so careful about their credit or debit cards, and there is a lot of risk there. The risk is only increased if it is an extension of your husband’s account. Avoid the risk, use cash for all of your affair-related purchases.

Lastly, make sure to have rules laid down and followed by both parties in the affair. No acknowledgment of either should you meet by coincidence, use protection, no marks in the throes of sex, and so on. Never forget to use protection!


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