The Lightkeeper’s Daughter

Anyone who has read any of Colleen Coble’s books knows the excellent Christian books she has written. They contain all types of characters that she turns into wholesome reading full of adventure, love, mystery, murder, and always bringing God’s values into every story.


The Lightkeeper’s Daughter is no exception. A ship explosion followed by fire and a sinking ship during which many escaped into a lifeboat without enough room for all. At the very last before the lifeboat pulled away towards shore, baby Julia, was thrown into a woman’s arms. The lifeboat headed toward the rocky shore near the lighthouse in seas so wild that it broke up before reaching shore. Many were dead along the coast but a few survived including the baby but where was Laura, the baby’s mother?

Advance many years to find Addie Sullivan and her mother, Josephine, the lighthouse keeper, who was ever watchful of the coast near the lighthouse. A man thought to be Addie’s uncle Walter Driscoll was found injured and was treated by Addie and her mother. Driscoll discovered a locket on Addie’s neck that he claimed belonged to his family, raising concern of how Addie got this locket. Then it was revealed to Addie that her mother was not her real mother but her stepmother. Addie had been found along the shore after a shipwreck near the lighthouse and Josephine took her as her own daughter.


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The picture in the locket appeared to be a person looking so much like Addie, a fact that had made Addie question her real family. At Addie’s urging, Mr. Driscoll took her with him to go to his family’s’ home where he hoped Addie would find her true family. Addie reached the Eaton mansion and, with the information she had discovered, inquired about a job as governess to Lieutenant John North’s son, Edward. She wanted to find out for herself who her family was and was determined to do it on her own. John North and his son to his first wife, Edward, also a part of this family and household, took to Addie and her dog, Gideon, right away. Uncle Walter was the only one to know her secret.

Gideon and Edward became inseparable, especially when it was found that Gideon knew when Edward was about to have one of his epileptic seizures and pulled the boy down so he would not hurt himself. Addie loved Gideon but gave way to Edward, allowing the boy and the dog as much time as needed together.

This excellent story continues with Lieutenant North and Addie becoming very close, in fact falling in love with each other. As Addie continues to search the truth of her family and her future life, many factors appear, some good, some harsh, and causing much thought as to what she wishes to do once the family learns she is their own. Follow the romance of Addie and John North; the selfishness of her father who doesn’t know the truth for some time; the greed of several in the family and how they personally act when things turn to ways they don’t like and can’t reverse.

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