Learn in Five Easy Steps to Catwalk Like a Model

Many women want to be a model but the first thing you need to do is to learn to catwalk. It is the most important aspect of a model as it is the walk that differentiates a normal woman from a model. Here are few tips to help you learn cat walking.


Confidence is the key. You should feel comfortable while walking. You should have the attitude of a model that you are beautiful and sexy. Only then you can take a step ahead in this industry. Selection of footwear is very important. If you are not comfortable with high heels, you can start with simple 2 or 3 inch sandals and once you have got your hands on it you can switch to high heels.

Posture is another key ingredient as it works as a cue of your personality. Bent shoulders symbolize your shyness or consciousness. So, just stand straight with your shoulders slightly backward, your stomach tucked in and chin slightly lifted up. Best way to test your walk is by balancing a book on your head while walking. If you are able to then you have got it just right and if you haven’t then you just need some more practice.


video link : http://wp.me/p93bGr-3aU


If you have ever noticed a cat walking then you will realise that why a ramp walk is called a catwalk. A cat always walks in a straight lie and puts her foot in front of the other. You should try to keep your foot in front of the other. Also heel should be placed before the toes, which makes the walk more elegant.

Long Strides needs to be taken care as they make you look beautiful and graceful. You should try to lift your leg that a slight bend in the knee can be seen and then put it down gently. This increases your distance covered while you walk every step.
Right expression adds to your charm. You should always have a mysterious smile to complement the look. Also make sure that your do not swing too much as it disturbs the walk.
These are few easy ways to get you started but one thing which is highly important is practice. You need to keep practising on a regular basis in order to catwalk perfectly.

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