Corporal Punishment On Kids

I recently overheard a woman expressing her views on Corporal Punishment For Kids. Her position was that beating a child is not harmful if its is used as discipline. How does one address such an opinion as that, even as it defies its own logic. On the one hand it states corporal punishment on kids is not harmful if used with discipline – suggesting that otherwise it is harmful. The key difference being the intention of the one who is doing the beating.

When a person has an illogical position like this, its clear that this person was raised with the same belief system, and never used their own logic to challenge the belief. As you may have heard me say before, the worst parts of parenting are the parts we were handed on a subconscious level and never question. Attempting to debate a person with illogical trenched in views such as this, is like explaining to a 3rd grade student that quantum physics suggests a world with multiple dimensions.

Still I would like to make a point to what should be an otherwise straight-forward decision for those who have this specific passed down program running behind their parenting skills. This is very simple; In prisons, murderers are electrocuted in a wooden chair while wearing metallic connectors soaked in water. They are bombarded with 3 different phases of electricity for 30 seconds each, for 3 cycles. Yet, beating a prisoner is considered to be cruel and inhuman. Of course I realize there are still some people out there in the world who would recommend the beating of prisoners, but that does not change the fact that a majority of society considers this to be inhumane.

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Another point of fact; if ones brother or sister was accosted by some passerby, one would certainly take an offensive action to repel the attacker to help their sibling. If this persons child were accosted by a passerby, then without fail, all hell would break loose on this attacker and pity to the fool that stands in the way. Clearly, the reasonable person would take a more protective stance toward the child. If one would go ballistic on another person beating their child, I fail to see what the difference is if the same person beats their own child.

Corporal Punishment for kids has been in the American society since America was a colony. For whatever reasons, this was simply how discipline was done. Since people are fundamentally programmed subconsciously by our own parents, this system has been deeply engrained into all cultures, some more than others. I’ve heard African American comedians joke about how their culture is much more extreme in this area, and from my own childhood experiences, there does seem to be some truth to this. In fact I’ve given a great deal of thought to this notion over time, and I suspect that this effect is a remnant of slavery days. Obviously, the slaves experienced harsh and severe beatings which may have incorporated into family discipline. Whether there is truth to this or not, obviously slavery was horrific as was the violence that went with it.


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