How to Make Women Fight For Your Attention – 3 Easy Steps to Seduction Success

Listen up, if you’re going to be the guy who can attract women automatically, you’re going to have to learn the factors that affect a woman’s dating decisions. You see, the fact that women can choose among the many men who approach them in clubs gives them the power to reject you if they feel like it.

That said, your seduction techniques must be able to cut through a woman’s initial resistance and make her think you’re the only guy in the room worth dating. What does it take to be instantly appealing to women? Find out what tactics you need to employ to turn women’s heads by reading the three items below.

How To Make Women Fight For Your Attention – 3 Easy Steps To Seduction Success

Step #1: “Show Interest”. She must feel your interest before she can relax enough to flirt with you without reservation. One thing you can do is to make a girl feel good about herself when you’re talking to her. Ask her questions and let her talk about herself all she wants. Indulge her ego and humor her.

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Step #2: “Foster Trust”. A woman wants a man she can open up to, but not a man who will butter her up with heaps of insincere compliments. Be frank with her and don’t be afraid to speak your mind when you feel she’s crossing the line (like when she’s acting catty toward you or another person). being brutally frank while gently making her feel that you have her back will increase intimacy between you. She feels completely secure that you will tell her what you really think without being rude to her.

Step #3: “Access Her Emotional Wiring”. While you’re talking, she will reveal things about her personality that you should pick up immediately. The reason for this is simple: you need to get a blueprint of how she reacts to things, and what events make her emotional.

If you can discover her romantic hot spots, you can come up with ways to make her even more emotional when you’re around. Certain psychological triggers can make girls fall in love completely and helplessly with a man.

Getting women emotionally attached to you is one aspect of hypnotic suggestion that most men don’t know about. A technique used in seduction, called Fractionation, will teach you how you can use her emotional triggers to jump-start attraction in just 15 minutes. By using this psychology technique, your chances of seducing women successfully will exponentially increase.


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