No More Lamenting, Fellow Ghost Writers

Let’s face it. Do letters crawl on paper like ants when you put a pen to it? Is your mind buzzing with thoughts which you want to desperately depict? Does even the tiniest of things spark off a volley of words? You must be a writer then, like me!

Well, that’s what I call myself for I feel terribly burdened like a pregnant woman with ideas and once I put them down-ah!- I have delivered the baby!

So much hype over just words? – you may think. But writers are crazily over-protective about their work. Yet, there are times when the urge to express supersedes the urge to earn! This is when writers compromise and agree to do “Ghostwriting”.

Writing an article and allowing it to be published under another’s name is called “Ghost-writing”. The reason writers resort to Ghost-writing might be for want of money, want of work or want of inspiration.

Having said all this, why do you want to wail? Yes, wail I must and shriek like a banshee for the cause of all such Ghost-writers like me! We Ghost-writers are a clan you see, who feel “Writing is like a form of breathing”. Yes, in a way, writing is liberation for us. We feel free and happy when we write and happier to see our works leap out of the printed screen. So when we do not find such an outlet, we become grumpy. So we settle for something (Ghost-writing) better than nothing (no writing).

Yes, cursed is our fate when we see all those hours of hard work being credited to others. It’s like giving away your child for adoption. So what must one do? You can’t jolly well have the cake and eat it too!

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1. Let your writing speak for itself.

We Ghost-Writers have a style of our own- something unique and distinctive. If you don’t credit yourself with one, start developing one then and do it now!

Even when you ghost-write, try to weave your spell of magic with that style of yours!

Make your article reflect your personality!

2. The indelible stamp

Mark your articles with that indelible stamp of yours. If the strength of your content is your eloquence of language, let your article show it. If you are an exhaustive researcher, then let the facts of the article speak for you. If you have a systematic approach, let your structured article exhibit it.


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