How to Be Great in Attracting College Girls

There’s always something about college girls that makes most guys want to date them — and fail. For some reason, college girls are the most amazing yet the most difficult type of girls to snag, much more, to ask out. College girls seem to have this built-in beeper alerts in them that can smell a desperate guy miles away. Hold on, don’t stop on your tracks just yet. There’s still hope. Remember that college girls are really just like any other girls. However, they are quite used to being hit on, so you can’t really blame them why they can be so hard most of the time. But it’s really just simple to know how to attract college girls.

This may old school approach but it still works: be yourself. College girls are fed-up with too cocky guys who brag 24/7 and who obviously just want them for a one-night-stand. So the least you can do is act otherwise. They will appreciate your being normal for a change.

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Do not by any chance, invade their personal space. However, be clear that you’re interested in dating them out and getting to know each other better. I suggest you completely skip the pick up lines on these girls, it’s worn out and it’s been painfully wringing in their ears. So be original, be witty and make use of the sense of humor.

When you do get lucky and be able to attract college girls, remember to be fun, spontaneous and adventurous. These are busy girls, not to mention high maintenance, so they want someone who can let them unwind, to let their hair down and just simply chill.

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