Tips On How To Carry Yourself On The First Date: For Women

First dates are usually stressful. They are even more stressful for women. If you are a lady and you are going for your first date, here are a few tips on how you should carry yourself:

Be Punctual

If your date isn’t picking you up, you should never show up late. Show that you are mature and serious with the relationship by arriving early. If you are caught up in traffic, you should call him and let him know that you are on your way. If your date is picking you up at your house, you should be ready when he arrives-you shouldn’t keep him waiting for you.

Be Decisive

It’s common for ladies to play dumb in order to avoid appearing bossy. To show that you have a sense of direction you should be decisive. For example, when the guy asks you where you would like to go for dinner you shouldn’t say, “I don’t know,” or “what do you think?” If you know of a good place you shouldn’t shy away from mentioning it. This shows that you are ready to have some input.

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Ladies are known to be talkative. To increase the chances of your date inviting you for a second date you should be a good listener. This calls for you to avoid rambling on and on about yourself. If possible, ask questions about the other person. As rule of thumb, you shouldn’t butt in and tell a similar story like the one your date has just told you.

Eat Like You Do At Home

Many ladies tend to pretend that they are full while they aren’t. For example, it’s common for them to order salad and eat only half of it. Doing this makes your date think that you have food issues. To appear attractive you should eat like you normally would.

If you take alcohol, you should be cautious about it. As rule of thumb you should never over-drink as you will always regret it later. It’s always better to order a diet soda than alcohol.

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