Wasim Akram, a Legend Cricketer

Wasim Akram, “a star born to rule the world of Cricket.” An all rounder, played in Pakistan Cricket team, was born on 3rd June in the year 1966 at Lahore, Pakistan. Wasim Akram studied in Islamia College of Lahore and played cricket there. He was the opening batsman, and bowler for the team of college. Introduction of Wasim Akram in international cricket was because of the role Javed Maindad, a senior Pakistani player played, in favor of introducing him as an all rounder.

Wasim Akram started his first class career in, 1988 by signing Lancashire country cricket club, England. He remained in that club from 1988-1998 and opened their bowling attack in ECB trophy. Wasim Akram made his International Test Career debut in 1985 against New Zealand, and starting of his career was remarkable, as he took 10 wickets in the second test match of his career. The first International cricket world cup, Wasim played was of 1987, and he bowled in the depth of the innings. Wasim Akram played a vital role in the historical, world cup of 1992, which was won by Pakistan, and he was considered as a significant all rounder in that world cup.

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He was a full left armed, as he bowled and batted with left hand. He was exceptional with the ball, and Pakistani bowling attack, Wasim and Waqar was considered to be the most difficult bowling attack in the history of cricket. When Wasim’s career was at its peak, he was diagnosed diabetes, and was recommended to stop cricket. However, he was a superb fighter, and fought with this disease, to continue cricket, and played till the start of 20th century, when he felt seriously ill and left cricket.

He got married in 1995 with Huma Mufti. His wife died in 2009 because of multiple organ failure, and they had two sons, Taimur and Akbar. There is little information, cricket fans know about his private life, as he was not use to show off in public places.

Wasim Akram is not only the best all rounder in the history of Pakistan cricket, but he is the best all rounder in the history of international cricket. Only few people have fame in sports, and Wasim is one of them because of his personality and bowling skills. This powerful left arm bowler is now giving tips to Indian team for the world cup 2011. This legend cricketer will be remembered for years in the history of cricket.