How to Organise a Bollywood Party

Something special for your anniversary party or your daughter/sons birthday, would you like your party to stand out among all the other parties that you have attended, how about organising your own Bollywood party that people will remember for a long time.

So what is Bollywood?

Bollywood is the equivalent of Hollywood but much bigger in quantity and versatility and above all its fun and colourful.

Simply Bollywood is the film industry in India which is famous for its lavish productions, songs and dance. Bollywood is not an Indian culture as such but it’s a potpourri of all Indian cultures, music and people. The first Bollywood movie was produced in 1913 and since then the industry has evolved into the biggest film industry in the world. The amount of movies produced in Bollywood a year is about 1000, but unofficially the figure is much higher if we add the number of movies that are made independently and for Television. The term bollywood is derived from the city Bombay synonymous to Hollywood.

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Now that you are aware of Bollywood, and want to organise a Bollywood party lets start with some basic ideas.

The ambience

The ambience of Bollywood parties can be lavish to simple depends on how many people come to your party and how much you want to spend. Many party planners now have a bollywood theme in their planning list and they can organize everything for you, or you can organize it yourself with very little planning and with a limited budget.

Purchase a couple of colourful silk Sarees and drape them around the house. The versatility of the Indian saree is unlimited; because of its 5 meters of length that usually have lovely patterns and colour, and you can use them for almost any decoration. Fairy lights from your Christmas decoration come handy too, put the fairy lights behind the saree drape, Add Indian style candle holders which are available at almost every variety store and a few colourful cushion covers.

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