Life Insurance Telemarketing Script

In order to begin a life insurance telemarketing strategy you need to start by constructing a script that will work. There are numerous reasons for this including:

You appreciate your customers and their needs much better than any other script writer ever will.
Commonly used scripts may have been used by your competition and prospects may have previously heard them.
You can have the script provide you with only the important information and match your offering exactly.
There are various techniques that go into script creation. Here are a few of the key strategies to enhance conversion on any telesales strategy:
Keep it uncomplicated, let the prospect know why you’re calling them and why they should listen.
Get to the point promptly, don’t go through the complete pitch on the first call, stick to the essentials.
The aim of this script is to generate interest, qualify the prospect, and let them know you might be calling back with more information. Nothing else should be included.
This is the simple outline you can follow:


I’m calling is to let you know that we will have agents in your area offering no obligation quotes on life insurance. We are providing families like yours a unique new solution with their life insurance planning. I could have one of our agents give you a call tomorrow to see if you qualify for our program.

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Rebuttals to some commonly asked questions:

Even if you are over xx years in age we still have plans that you will qualify for.
We’ll be happy to give you a no obligation quote, we don’t use pushy sales tactics like some other companies out there.
If you already have insurance its great to hear you are planning ahead, but looking at us to compare rates or to supplement what you’re already doing is a smart move too.

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