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A reliable insurance software program allows agents and insurers to use the Internet for life insurance purposes. They can determine eligibility rate, quote, bind, document issue and collect payment – in very short period of time. This reduction in time allows for increased sales and reduced rates for the consumer.

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WriteNow is an easy to use system that allows insurance agents to qualify, rate, quote, bind and deliver policy documents on the Internet in minutes.

FINEOS Claims Manager is designed to optimize claims for life insurance, disability and Workers Compensation with a unified customer-centric application. It is available on IBM platforms.

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ID3 by Fiserv Insurance Solutions ID3 is a complete life, health and annuity policy administration system fully integrated to support every step of the insurance value

These life insurance programs usually provide a comprehensive end user training course, comprehensive online help text, and web accessible operating procedures designed to meet your corporate educational needs. The training will teach you how to use the program including setting up plans, issuing new policies and processing claims. There also exist a great many other websites devoted to providing information about life insurance software. Shop around online, read the reviews that past users have posted, do your research thoroughly, and then narrow down the list of prospects to one or two software programs. Talk with a representative of the software company to find out if they can meet your needs as a life insurance specialist, and then make your decision.

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