A Very British Summer at the Andaz Hotel London

International travel can often leave you feeling a bit disoriented, especially if you are on the move a lot. Hotel decors and restaurants begin to merge into each other until you can become unsure of which city you’re actually in.

Not so at the Andaz Hotel near Liverpool Street. The hotel has sought to bring more character and a sense of location to their guests’ stay. The hotel’s innovative programme of events and parties – including book readings, live performances, restaurant entertainment and more – ensure that you will never get bored.

Last summer for example, they even commissioned a specially-designed “Summer Garden” – a sheltered area which was home to realistic indoor grass, plants and summer flowers, making it a unique space for holding lively events.

The same space was even previously used as an indoor beach – a bold demonstration of the Andaz Hotel’s desire to provide its guests with a memorable experience which is quintessentially British. Past events held there include a singles party, jumble sales, sporting events and club socials.

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In this and other unique features, the hotel has proved that modern accommodation with stylish contemporary decor and luxury amenities needn’t be cold or sterile. The Andaz has also sought to introduce a touch of the “real London” – particularly around its East End locality. The hotel staff actively encourager locals to visit its diverse array of five restaurants and bars, bringing a real and unique sense of community to the hotel.

The Andaz is ideal for international business travellers, since its location next to Liverpool Street Station provides convenient transport links between Stansted Airport and King’s Cross’ Eurostar Terminal. It also has good access to London’s financial district.

Many guest reviews are impressed by the hotel’s interesting approach towards use of its public spaces and it has earned a place within the TripAdvisor top 100 London hotels. The Andaz Hotel is certainly a vibrant and fun place to stay with plenty of personality – a world apart from staid chain hotels.

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