Husband Shocked seeing the hidden act of Wife

And as always. As always, always, always. A little, teeny-tiny, pipsqueak of a voice squeaks out from the back of my mind, “Hey wait.” But the big booming voice of defeat stomps it out. Triumphant. But the little guy chimes back, “I’m here and I love you.” And the deep song of failure tells the little voice to shut up. And the little voice says, “You don’t own me.” And the big, booming voice of failure… laughs. Ah-ha!

The little pipsqueak is winning. The little pipsqueak says, “I am tiny and insignificant, but I have it over you.” And this little voice inspires me to pick up my lap top. To come up with the five reasons why the bully in my head won’t win. Five reasons why I am not a failure. Five reasons why I am enough. I don’t know what the top five reason are that I am enough. But I am gong to take a stab. Watch video in link below

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I realize I am not alone. As I pay attention to this voice of doubt and frustration, anger and pain… I also realize that I see it in others. It pops out of daily conversation in the oddest, most subtle, of ways. I am grateful that at least I am aware of the voice. At least I can accept that it is part of me. At least I don’t pretend it’s not there. Because I believe if you deny the bully a place at the table, it will crawl under your chair and stab your toes.


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